Great Ways to Market and Promote Your Vlog


When you create a video blog and publish it, you’re not done. You will now need to do work to promote your videos, as well as your blog and YouTube channel. The more time you spend on promotion, the more opportunity you have to get the word out to your audience. It’s not hard to do if you know what to do. These ideas will give you a start at video blog promotion.

* Put Them on YouTube – Host your public vlogs on YouTube because that is the most popular video blogging platform available. They’ll be ranked higher, and you can use their system to easily promote your vlogs.

* Embed Them in Your Blog – Even though the vlog is on YouTube, you should still write a blog post and intro to the vlog and embed it into your blog. Remember to include in the title that a video is included, and include a good description.

* Allow Others to Embed Them – Don’t disable the ability for people who like your video to embed it into their own blogs. This will give you more exposure.

* How to optimize your vlogs so people can find them. – Always share your video blogs, from your blog post on Twitter, with a very short blurb to entice people to watch it.

* Share on Facebook – Using Facebook to share videos is a great way to get the word out about your video. Shorter videos are best, using either the Embed feature or just a link with a short blurb.

* Share on Google+ – Naturally you should share everything you do on Google+ because of the fact that Google Search is still the number one search engine.

* Add an Appropriate Title – A keyword-rich, direct and to-the-point title is the best thing you can do for every blog post, video or not.

* Don’t Forget the Description – On YouTube there is a place to describe the video. It’s important to use the space you have to its full potential to include a link to your website and any products you are promoting.

* Use Tags Effectively – Using tags is often skipped today. Some people swear they’re useless, but they’re there for a reason. Use descriptive tags that mean something with keywords that fit the video.

* Like Your Own Video – It might seem strange but liking your own videos is important as it gets people started, plus people who are connected to you see that you liked it and it’s another way to show up in their streams.

* Create Video Responses to Other People’s Videos – If you have a good video that fits as a response to someone else’s video, especially if they are popular, send it as a video response after personalizing it as a response. This may earn you an entirely new audience.

Marketing and promoting your video blogs is an important step to making sure that people see the work you’ve done and start recognizing you as the expert you are. Don’t hide your work by continuously producing without promoting.


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How to optimize your vlogs so people can find them

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